Waterproofing and Drainage in New York and New Jersey

Waterproofing and drainage solutions


Wet basements are not only uncomfortable, they can be a sign of worse things to come for both commercial and residential properties.
Force Construction not only offers excellent foundation repair, but can finish with superior waterproofing and drainage systems.

Signs of drainage problems


Don’t let things go from bad to worse, drainage problems can get expensive quickly.

  • Damp basements
  • Wet spots on the walls and floors
  • Flooding inside and outside


These critical signs of waterproofing and drainage problems need to addressed as quickly as possible.

Protect your home or building


Aside from the health risks these problems can cause by providing a great environment for mold to grow, the structural integrity of your home or office can become compromised.
We have the knowledge and experience to fix your drainage and waterproofing problems quickly, affordably, and effectively. Don’t let easy fixes turn into major projects.